Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, UK

Just because you manage a luxury resort doesn’t mean you wish to overspend—but will a leading hotelier with high standards be satisfied with EZ Street cold asphalt?

The De Vere Resorts have a proud and stately property in Heythrop Manor. This vast country home-turned-hotel is part of a luxury golfing resort. However, one of the resort’s stately main thoroughfares had entered a state of decline. Seeking an estimate for repair from a local contractor, they were not happy with the quote.

Firoka Group, the facility management company in charge of Heythrop Manor, asked golf resort caretaker Roger Bailey to take a swing at it. Mr. Bailey addressed the project with a quantity of EZ Street cold asphalt.

The project was executed during a week in December. Mr. Bailey removed the old, broken surface of an area of 60 m2 at a depth of 50 mm. He then applied EZ Street cold asphalt, which was compacted with wacker plates and a roller.

The results are impressive enough that there’s talk of more EZ Street asphalt—something like 100 one-tonne sacks. The resort’s half-kilometre thoroughfare needs to be resurfaced completely. Additionally, the Firoka Group has 100 other such properties on their list of management responsibilities throughout the UK. It’s possible that many a holiday reveller’s drive throughout the country could soon be happening upon EZ Street asphalt.

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