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September 2016

Oban Times Article

July 2016


What other asphalt products garner this type of personal response?

EZ Street Asphalt – Pelican Road Services

Tuesday, April 30 2013


A customer testimonial

The customer below ordered 3 bags and then phoned up for another 3 after trying the product. He sent us this positive email.

Friday, October 26 2012

HAPAS certificate product sheet

This Certificate relates to EZ Street, a bitumen-based, cold-applied, patch repair product for potholes and other similar defects occurring in bituminous surfaces on non-trafficked and trafficked highways.

Friday, October 19 2012

Rathsallagh Country House testimonial

The Rathsallagh Country House tried EZ Street and sent us a testimonial about their experience with our product.

Monday, April 9 2012


Tarmac repair – What it means to the UK

A lot of Britain’s roads are in urgent need of repair. The tarmac in this country has suffered several consecutive cold winters which have taken their toll on our paved infrastructure. The result: dangerous, often obscured holes in roads, which damage cars and disrupt the orderly flow of traffic.

Tuesday, September 6 2011

Sign of the times – Potholes are now so prolific that they need their own warning signs

When Ted Relf put up a pothole warning sign outside his home in Kent, a Police Community Support Officer came to his door and told him to take it down.

Thursday, August 25 2011

Highway superintendents testimonial

My Company has recently tried using your EZ Street Polymer Modified Asphalt.

Friday, February 18 2011

Northern Ireland – Gradually becoming one big pothole?

Each wave of freezing weather brings with it massive road infrastructure problems. 2010 was book-ended by such weather, and while the nightmare it causes to motorists last long after the ice melts, at least there is a good period of time between the colder months to take stock, repair the previous winter’s damage and prepare for that which is to come.

Monday, January 24 2011

Pothole apps: A community-focused solution?

The extraordinarily freezing weather seems to have abated (for now, at least) and our infamously weather-inept country is gradually emerging from the thaw. Airports are returning to full service, roads have cleared and trains are back to… well, frankly they’re back to their usual pre-winter reliability.

Wednesday, January 12 2011

Bucks roads being destroyed by cold winters and poor preparation

Winters in Buckinghamshire, near London in South-East England, have been getting colder and colder over the past few years.

Tuesday, January 4 2011