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Environmentally Friendly Pothole Repair at Half the Traditional Cost!

Fast, Easy, Convenient and Available NOW, delivered to your door!


The EZ Street Advantage

Permanent tarmac repair and pothole repair

EZ Street permanent cold asphalt is the EZ way to repair potholes in tarmac and make tarmac road repairs in the UK. EZ Street cold asphalt is recognized around the world as THE premiere permanent cold asphalt.

Permanence and simplicity are two words rarely used together in the road maintenance industry. By combining the performance and workability of hot tarmac with the convenience and accessibility of cold tarmac, works crews can now get more bang for their buck making tarmac repairs and provide you with safer roads.

  • Maximize efficiency – Open roads to traffic immediately. Tarmac repair with minimum preparation and planning. Minimize time on the job and operational overheads.
  • Use EZ Street tarmac in water – Eliminate wet weather downtime… And it’s still permanent.
  • Stockpile EZ Street tarmac for 6–8 months and access it 24/7. No more running between asphalt plants or downtime while the plant is closed. Eliminate dangerous fumes and handling problems with EZ Street tarmac’s fume free formula and EZ handling options.

No more wasted time, money and mess applying sticky tack coats. Use EZ Street tarmac in any weather for permanent repair of potholes, utility cuts, overlays edge repairs, trip hazards and more.

Easy Tarmac Repair and Pothole Repair

EZ Street is still available for pick up or delivery. Patching a pothole with EZ Street asphalt couldn’t be easier, and it can be done with just one person, adhering to social distancing guidelines.

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Immediate Pothole Repair

That’s cutting costs by half.

Don’t believe it? That’s understandable.

But from the Alaska to the Australia, EZ Street proves itself. Professionals like you are using it for quick, easy, guaranteed permanent repairs that are cutting costs by half.

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EZ Street Product Features

The traditional asphalt repair model

A temporary patch with an inferior product is followed by a repair with hot asphalt. With EZ Street, you have a permanent repair as quickly as a temporary patch. And that repair is immediately ready for traffic.

It works in water, and in any weather

EZ Street’s polymer-modified asphalt blend remains workable in all weather. When thrown into a water-filled hole, compacting it displaces the water.

Stockpiles are always ready to be used

Bulk EZ Street stockpiles for up to six months. Bagged product has a usable life of one year. No waiting for hot mix. Just grab it and go.

A crew of three with a truck and a shovel
can eliminate the cost of hot mix

They can make permanent repairs in minutes, often without closing a road. EZ Street also works in any application where hot mix is desirable:

  • Overlays
  • Edge repairs
  • Manhole surrounds
  • Water valve surrounds
  • Utility height adjustments
  • Concrete patches
  • Bridge repair
  • Railroad crossings
  • Micro-trenching
  • Overlays
  • Edge repairs
  • Manhole surrounds
  • Water valve surrounds
  • Utility height adjustments
  • Concrete patches
  • Bridge repair
  • Railroad crossings
  • Micro-trenching

Is this a mission to save the world from bad roads and expensive repairs?

Yes, it is. Asphalt is used in so many places. But the one thing everyone worldwide can agree on is we all hate potholes. The conversation about asphalt can begin right there. EZ Street Asphalt is showing potholes who’s boss.

PBS, Red Stag Materials, and EZ Street Asphalt — A System of Trust

Glasgow PBS Branch Manager, Peter Bennett, tells us why he and his customers have grown to trust Red Stag Materials and EZ Street Asphalt for their cold patch needs…and so much more.

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    Our Latest Testimonial

    Bolton Council Testimonial

    Sean Croudace, Highway Operations Service Manager from the Bolton Council sent a testimonial about his experience using EZ Street oyer the years in the roads.

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