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Installation requires a simple, three-step process

1. Sweep

Remove loose material by raking or sweeping. A solid base ensures adherence (water, however, does not need to be drained).

Step 1: Sweep

2. Fill

Holes and crevasses can be filled – in 50 mm lifts – with EZ Street cold asphalt, compacted properly (see next step). Perform this step in layers if holes are deeper than 50 mm.

Steps: Fill

3. Compact

Use of a vibrating plate compactor is most effective, but not necessary (a hand tamper will suffice). The goal is to achieve total solidity with the existing pavement. If there will be no secondary compaction from traffic, you are advised to employ extra compaction.

Steps: Compact

That’s all.

Some crews toss sand on patches, but that is entirely optional. EZ Street cold asphalt, when installed correctly, will not adhere to shoes or automobile tires.

Whether it is to repair potholes, driveways, provide road reinstatements or overlays, your work has never been easier than on EZ Street.

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